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Meet some of the people who have transformed their lives with our help. Here are their inspirational stories.



Lost 4 stone

“StaySlim is just outstanding.”

” I lost 4 stone. I feel healthier and I have a lot more energy. I found StaySlim very easy to do it didn’t make me feel restricted just eating a lot more healthier. I would have no hesitation on recommending StaySlim it is just outstanding.”


Lost 2 and a half stone

“The easiest program ever and so enjoyable.”

“I lost 2 and a half stone after having my second child. I went back to StaySlim after getting great results before I got pregnant. I must say it is the easiest program ever and so enjoyable I can’t recommend it more.”


Elaine Byrd

Lost 2 stone in 2 months

“Life is so much easier without the extra weight.”

Extra pounds were weighing on Elaine Byrd not just physically, but mentally as well. The extra two stone in weight she had been carrying around was getting her down, but she never had the confidence to tackle it before going to StaySlim. Once she started the programme, that all changed.

“They just gave me the belief I could do it and I did.” Now that Elaine has lost the weight, life is much brighter, and she is amazed at how straightforward the process was. “I am so much happier in myself. I found the program so easy to follow that it never felt I was on a diet.”

Alan Healy

Lost 7 stone (44.5kg)

“I can finally play with my children because of my newfound energy, and that’s what its’ all about, really.”

Alan’s problems began when he made a major life change that destroyed all his good habits: He moved to the United States, where he became accustomed to huge portion sizes, and he brought his bad habits home with him.

 “I loved takeaways, crisps, pizza, pints and Cornish pasties. God knows what’s actually in them, but I couldn’t get enough of them. My eating habits were appalling.”

Alan took to the StaySlim programme instantly. “I still went out with my friends, but I swopped beer for sparkling water. They gave me a bit of a ribbing at the start, but they ended up being great about it. ”

Joining the StaySlim programme has been a real game changer for family man Alan, who is delighted with the boundless energy he has for his kids.

Annette Collins

Lost 2.5 stone in 11 weeks!

“I can’t believe how much healthier and happier I feel.”

Deciding to lose weight is one thing; succeeding in your goals is another. This is where StaySlim helped Annette Collins. She was daunted by the idea of trying to lose weight, so she looked to Keith Anthony and the team at StaySlim for support. Since then, she has reached her target weight.

“I have successfully lost the 2 and a half stone I wanted to lose. I received great support and confidence while doing so. It was just so easy.”

Jennifer Ronan

Lost 4 stone in 7 months

“I found the one-to-one consultation very personal and the program very easy to follow.”

If you have tried everything and you’re still not keeping the weight off, try StaySlim. That’s what Jennifer Ronan did. She had four stone to lose, but she stuck to the StaySlim programme and not only lost the weight, but found the process quite easy.

“I have lost 4 stone with Keith and his team. I found the one-to-one consultation very personal and the program very easy to follow. I never felt hungry with it.”

Sharon Walsh

Lost 11.5 stone (73kg)!

“Feeling this good is better than any takeaway.”

Before she joined StaySlim, Sharon had always struggled with her weight. She had tried everything, sometimes losing significant amounts of weight, but always slipping back into old habits. She had developed some bad habits from her yo-yo dieting. “I was eating a lot of junk, like pizzas, Chinese takeaways, chips, and all kinds of rubbish food, rather than cooking myself. I didn’t have breakfast. I’d go into a shop on the way to work and buy a bottle of Coke and crisps. I used to drink three or four bottles of Coke a day.”

Sharon’s breakthrough was moderation. Whereas banning specific foods forced Sharon into a famine and feast pattern, the StaySlim approach meant she never felt deprived. “I was very good at sticking to a plan, but once I gave into temptation I felt defeated and undid all of the good work. Nothing being banned stopped me feeling deprived because I knew I could have it. I just choose not to.” Sharon really enjoys food and never could get used to eating tasteless, so-called healthy things. With the StaySlim programme, she learned “how to add flavour without adding calories.”

All of these people changed their lives with our programme. You can too.

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