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StaySlim Prices

At StaySlim, we believe that sustained weight loss should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

That is why you won’t pay a cent until you decide our approach is for you—and when you do join StaySlim, we offer a highly affordable package to deliver the only weight-loss programme you will ever need.

Free Consultation

We know that you will be impressed by what you see and hear at our centre. 
That’s why the first consultation is FREE.


After your initial consultation, if you decide to join Stayslim, a six-monthly registration fee of €100 applies, together with a charge of €15 per visit. The €100 can be paid in instalments of €50 for your first visit and €65 for the following visit. The €65 includes the €15 charge for your visit.

Your €100 package includes a comprehensive one-to-one initial consultation:

  • You will be weighed accurately.
  • Your body fat and body mass index will be calculated precisely with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We will conduct a thorough analysis of your weight and set a realistic target weight goal.
  • You will also receive a customised weight management programme and a food diary.


StaySlim Price Schedule

  1. First consultation is FREE!
  2. If you choose to go ahead with programme, joining the programme costs €100.
  3. €15 fee per subsequent visit.

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