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About StaySlim

A Fresh Approach

At StaySlim, our objective is to help you reach the weight you want and maintain it. Designed by experts and based on common sense, our programme combines sound principles with a user-friendly approach.

The StaySlim Programme

One of the reasons our programme has been so successful is that it was designed by experts who have had personal struggles with weight loss. They include weight loss experts, physical education specialists, GPs & nutritionists from Ireland and around the world. Their blend of personal experience and expertise has produced an approach that is medically proven and straightforward.

Our programme is based on an honest, understanding the relationship between client and mentor, working together for a common goal.

Founder Keith Anthony

StaySlim is the creation of renowned weight loss expert, Keith Anthony. Though he is now trim and healthy, Keith battled with his weight for years.

“I tried everything out there and found that nothing worked. Yes, I lost weight, but I could never sustain it. It was so disheartening to try and try and get nowhere. I ended up blaming myself and thinking I was the problem.”

Eventually, feeling he had exhausted all the options available, Keith decided to take matters into his own hands. With the help of a panel of medical professionals, he put all he had learned from his efforts to lose weight into a truly effective weight-loss programme called Keith Anthony Weight Loss.