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The only extreme aspect of the StaySlim approach is that it is extremely good for you.

We have no time for sachets, shakes, or gimmicks:

Our focus is on building your confidence, educating you about food choices and portion control, and helping you to achieve and maintain your weight-loss goals.

How it works



You won’t find anything complicated at StaySlim. We will assess your goals, show you the techniques to develop healthy eating habits, create a personalised weight loss plan, and meet you weekly to guide you to success. How it works



You are not the same as everyone else. We learn about your eating triggers and lifestyle demands and design a tasty, realistic eating plan that fits your unique needs. How it works



Through weekly weigh-ins and motivational sessions with your consultant, we build a relationship that ensures we achieve lasting results together. We respect you and never judge. How it works


Commit to the StaySlim programme, and you will achieve genuinely life-changing results.  Abandon yo-yo diets, reliance on junk food, and loss of confidence to become healthier, happier, and permanently lighter. How it works


How it works

Follow the StaySlim Programme, and you will reach and maintain your ideal weight. It’s that simple. StaySlim focuses on putting you back in control by identifying your individual triggers for weight gain and devising an eating plan that is unique to you. We deliver that plan to you in private and help you to develop new habits that are easy to incorporate into your daily life.


Who are we?

StaySlim is the creation of renowned weight loss expert, Keith Anthony. Though he is now trim and healthy, Keith battled with his weight for years. “I tried everything out there and found that nothing worked. Yes, I lost weight, but I could never sustain it. It was so disheartening to try and try and get nowhere. I ended up blaming myself and thinking I was the problem.”READ MORE

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